GYROKINESIS® Application for Tango Dancers


conducted by


Mastertrainers Sandra Messina & Silvia Frosali


This course is intended to provide Gyrokinesis Trainers with efficient tools

to help professional and non-professional tango dancers

to improve on their dance quality and prevent injuries.

The trainers learn about the synergy between the movement principles of the Gyrokinesis Method

and the fundamentals of tango dance.

The course includes progressive class formats for the beginner, intermediate and advanced level

with sequences on the chair, the floor and in standing.


Trainers who are not tango dancers are very welcome to join the course.


Duration: 3 days/17 hours

Price: €525 plus 120 StudioFee

(valued also as Update)


Prerequisite: Licensed GYROTONIC® or GYROKINESIS® Trainer